Lisa Leija wrote: “This book is a meticulously researched account of a young WWII soldier’s demise and the impact his death had on his family for generations. It is a great read for WWII buffs and for anyone who lost a family member in a foreign war. The included letters of Pfc. Zornes give a snapshot of the daily lives and attitudes of the young American soldiers of a bygone era. ” – August 14, 2019

James Webster, Moderator of β€œFans of the C-47 Skytrain” Facebook Group wrote: β€œIn the deft hands and strong framing of Dave Reynolds, Not Forgotten: A Pacific Northwest Family Brings Their Soldier Home unfolds the true, heartfelt story of how so many Americans went from Great Depression babies to the Greatest Generation. Not all made Ace, not all flew, some fell by the wayside; but they all served and gave their life for the betterment of the world. Cpl. Lester LaVerne Zornes will be remembered as a hero by my family.” — February 6, 2019

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