“Dear Mom, Dad and kids” Letters home from a Spokane soldier

Image shows cover of book with photo of young man in military uniform over a V-mail letter and photo of C-47 transport plane

From time to time we will post images and texts of letters our uncle Lester LaVerne wrote home while he was in training to become a Radio Operator on board a C-47 troop transport plane during World War Two. These letters are included in their entirety in our book “Not Forgotten: A Pacific Northwest Family Brings Their Soldier Home

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2 thoughts on ““Dear Mom, Dad and kids” Letters home from a Spokane soldier”

  1. Greetings,
    By odd chance I happened to look at the C47 sight tonight after not being here for a couple of years.
    My father also was in training in 1943 for piloting C-47s.

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